VR-based training simulations content creation service

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Harness the power of virtual reality (VR) to create immersive and engaging training simulations for your employees. Our team of experienced VR developers and content creators will work with you to develop custom VR training simulations that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


1. Access to VR content creation tools and software

2. Development of a basic VR training simulation for one training module

3. Distribution of the VR training simulation to a limited audience

4. Basic VR analytics and reporting



Package Features:

  • AI-Powered Training Scenario Scripting: Generate human-quality VR training scenario scripts using advanced AI algorithms, ensuring natural and engaging storytelling that aligns with your specific training objectives.
  • 3D Modeling and Environment Creation: Our team of experienced 3D artists will create high-quality 3D environments, equipment, and assets for your VR training simulations, ensuring a realistic and immersive training experience.
  • VR Interaction Design and Programming: Design and implement interactive elements in your VR training simulations, allowing trainees to practice skills, interact with simulated scenarios, and receive real-time feedback.
  • VR User Interface (UI) Design: Create intuitive and user-friendly VR UIs that guide trainees through the simulation experience, provide relevant instructions, and track their progress.
  • VR Avatar Customization: Allow trainees to customize their avatars to enhance engagement and personal connection within the VR training environment.
  • VR Performance Tracking and Assessment: Implement performance tracking and assessment mechanisms to evaluate trainee progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the effectiveness of the VR training simulations.
  • VR Training Simulation Localization and Adaptation: Adapt your VR training simulations to multiple languages and cultural contexts to cater to a global workforce and diverse training needs.
  • VR Training Simulation Testing and Quality Assurance: Conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure your VR training simulations are bug-free, performant, and compatible with various VR platforms.
  • VR Training Simulation Deployment and Distribution: Deploy your VR training simulations across various VR platforms, including headsets, mobile devices, and online platforms, maximizing accessibility and reach.

Additional Services:

  • Custom VR Training Scenario Scriptwriting: Our team of experienced content writers will craft compelling and engaging VR training scenario scripts tailored to your specific training needs and industry standards.
  • VR Storyboarding and Concept Art: Develop detailed storyboards and concept art to visualize the flow, interactions, and aesthetic of your VR training simulations.
  • VR Accessibility Consulting: Ensure your VR training simulations are accessible to users with disabilities, adhering to accessibility guidelines and best practices.
  • VR Training Simulation Management and Analytics: Manage and track the performance of your VR training simulations across various platforms, gaining insights into trainee engagement, completion rates, and skill improvement.
  • Expert VR Training Simulation Consultation: Receive personalized guidance and support from our team of VR training simulation experts to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your VR-based training programs.

1 review for VR-based training simulations content creation service

  1. Christopher Green

    “SAVY WORK’s VR training simulations have revolutionized our employee onboarding process. Our new hires are now up to speed in no time.”

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