Book Professional Online Consultation/Meeting For 1 Hour.


70% of consumers now expect a seamless online experience.
Is your business lagging or you struggling with questions?

We can help you bridge the gap.

We have certified professionals who are here to guide you, resolve your queries and help you in avoiding those blunders that most business are making.

Consultation from professionals is crucial for business owners who have started their business or startup for several reasons:

1. Expert Guidance and Strategic Planning

2. Cost Efficiency

3. Tailored Solutions

4. Avoiding Common Pitfalls

5. Access to Latest Trends and Technologies

6. Focus on Core Business Activities

7. Improved Decision Making

8. Network and Connections

9. Long-Term Success and Scalability

10. Risk Management




Duration Of This Consultation Meeting is 1 Hour.

Consultation Fee is required to be deposited in advance by the customer by placing an order on our website.

Consultation/meeting will be related to requirements related to the services of SAVY WORK and the client’s customer/business to empower business/ideas through digital services.

For the consultation meeting, Professionals From our team will provide the consultation to the customer online over Google Meet.


Payment Terms:

  1. Once the consultation has been booked, if any amount is paid by the customer and team members from SAVY WORK have provided the consultation to the customer/client then in this case any amount that has been paid by the customer/client will not be refunded.
  2. Once the consultation has been provided then the amount will not be refunded back.
  3. If the consultation/meeting session has already started but the client/customer has left the session in between then the amount will not be refunded.
  4. In case the consultation/meeting is cancelled by the customer/client 10 hours prior to the booking time then the amount will not be refunded back.
  5. In case any of the above terms mentioned under the payment terms are not met then the amount can be refunded. To get the refund email and attach a payment slip with the email for the offline consultation/meeting booked.


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