Google My Business Profile Listing


Google My Business Profile listing  is a service that involves creating the online presence of any business/company/organisation/place/unit on Google Search engine. It is also called “listing of business on Google Search engine”.


How it can beneficial for any business ?

  1. Establishes online presence of the location of business/office/place/organisation that was not existing earlier.
  2. For getting higher visibility online.
  3. Generating more sales and getting calls, website traffic.
  4. Boosting ranking of the business on Google Search
  5. Can provide analytics and insights about Target Customer
  6. Rating can boost the appeal
  7. Helps in building trust among the customers/clients
  8. Helps in boosting Local SEO
  9. Establishing markup of location on Google Maps
  10. Help customers/clients book appointment,reserve table, call or connect with button provided.
  11. For managing and administration using Google My Business Mobile Application
  12. Action buttons like “schedule an appointment”, ” Get Quote”, “Call now” can help customers contact directly.


How it is helpful for customers/clients/visitors of any business?

  1. Map Location and Address of any business/company/organisation/place/unit.
  2. Reviews and popularity of the business
  3. Product and services offered by business
  4. Business awareness
  5. Chat interaction for queries.
  6. Opening and closing time of the business/office/place
  7. Updates and news about business in form of posts
  8. News about closing of the business/location/outlet on specific holidays.


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